Summer's Here! Get Ready with Our Barbeque Cleaning Service for Basildon

Basildon BBQ Cleaning The invitations are out, the food and drinks are bought, the lawn is cut. But you forgot about your barbecue cleaning in Basildon SS13 at the end of last summer - you're not the first person and you won't be the last! The rain came in and you rushed off to finish the party indoors. You meant to clean the BBQ but winter arrived. Now you're faced with last years charred grease, and the thought of cleaning it off is almost enough to put you off your get-together. That would be a shame when there's such a simple solution to the problem!

Enjoy a BBQ Cleaning Service That Keeps Your Food Healthy

Book our BBQ cleaning service today and get a convenient appointment right away. We'll get you ready to cook in the shortest time possible, and enjoying a wide range of bonuses too:

  • A fully insured service available 7 days a week with no extra charge
  • Reliable specialists who only use effective BBQ cleaning detergents, not available over the counter
  • A decrease in your energy consumption – our clean will mean your BBQ takes less time to heat up!
  • Immediate use of your BBQ after we’re done
  • Get special price when you combine our BBQ service with any of our other cleaning services - see our prices page for more info
  • An increase in the lifespan of your BBQ

Why not try a combination of our barbeque cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, Rayburn cooker cleaning and Smeg cooker cleaning services? We offer epic discounts.

We Offer Comprehensive Barbecue Cleaning That Cleans Your Whole Appliance

 Because we use the most advanced procedures, there'll be no corner of your barbecue that escapes a thorough cleaning. We take apart your barbecue, removing all grill trays, racks, control dials, and other parts, soaking each in a vat of carefully-prepared cleaning degreaser. This solution has been chosen by us for its incredibly effective cleansing properties, but also for its eco-friendliness, and its safety for children and pets. After being soaked, rinsed and wiped, we'll reassemble your oven, placing each part back within the separately cleaned main body. The end result is a stunningly clean appliance.

Barbeque and Grill Cleaning with Extra Added Peace of Mind!

The skilled technicians are fully trained and able to provide barbeque and grill cleaning on all types of outdoor cookers, no matter how unusual they may be. However, we know that you need assurance that the company you hire to look after your barbeque knows what they’re doing so we carry out vetting and background checks on all of the team members, put them through in-depth training and then provide them with full insurance for your peace of mind. Check our testimonials page to see for yourself exactly what our clients have to say about the level of cleaning and service that they’ve received.

Book Our Barbeque Grill Cleaning Service Over the Phone or Online

Get a free service estimate whenever you choose to call us on 01268 813026. Our call centre is open 24/7 and our friendly customer service advisers are experts on our barbeque grill cleaning service. Don’t feel like calling? You can request a quote online instead. We also provide an online chat facility so you can talk with an adviser via our website. Alternatively, enter your details into our contact form and we’ll reply as soon as we can. Contact us any time at no extra charge.

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